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Mission Unknown is the name of

the musical project, created by

the Swedish singer/songwriter

Johan Stake.

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If you were mine

Blues 4:04


Music & lyrics by: J. Stake

Performed by: J. Stake









  • If you were mine


If you were mine

(Mission Unknown)


  1. I might be weak for looks but I never been a fool

     keep tellin' me this - Oh that woman she is too good for you

     Just don't make no sense feeling like I do

     keep plannin' the things I wanna do - If you were mine

     Put your hand in mine baby I hold you tight

     I'll be good to you day n' night

     If you were mine   If you were mine


  2. Treat you a lady new dresses and fashion shoes

      any door in your way baby - Oh I hold them up for you

      At night in the dark I'll watch over you when you sleep

      keep you safe and sound chase them demons away from your dreams

      I'll give up drinking and lend my chest for your sleep

      No cards No women I'll even tuck in your feet

      If you were mine   If you were mine


Solo. Piano


  3. I may not be good looking no face for a fancy ad

      and muscles I asure you baby - something I never had

      I'm no man of words but for you I'll make a deal

      every sweet word that I know of just to show you how I feel

      If you're cold I'll keep you warm and you won't be sad or blue

      I'll keep a laugh in your life that's what I'll do

      At night I give you passion at day I'll treat you a queen

      Baby you'll see - If you were mine



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