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About Mission Unknown

Mission Unknown is the name of

the musical project, created by

the Swedish singer/songwriter

Johan Stake.

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The Mission


Is plain and simple - don't give up. Prove

to yourself and others that you could do

whatever you want to do. As long as you

enjoy doing it and have a lot of fun in the

meantime - you could never lose....


Never end up watching others live there

life instead of living your own.


/Mission Unknown




  • The project


I've often got the question at interviews

- what is your goal and ambition? To say

that I have no ambitions, would be a big

lie. Everyone's looking for some success. The question is - how do I measure success. I guess the answer is very different from person to person. My ambition is to see how far I can take an idea. I'm driven by the thought of learning something new every day, to finally do something that wouldn't been possible just a while ago. To surprise myself is my success. To surprise others is a bonus :)






  • Influences


Listens to all kind of music but love rock, rock n' roll and blues.


Still there are good songs in: heavy metal, punk, pop, r&b, soul and country




  • Just a thought


We were given a lot of abilities by the great

force that created us. But why were we given

the ability to love music, when we first had to

create it ourselves?



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