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About Mission Unknown

Mission Unknown is the name of

the musical project, created by

the Swedish singer/songwriter

Johan Stake.

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Never get loved by you

If you were mine



Love faith & hope

Little thing

Life ain't no dream

Over the fields

Why lie to me

Devil in me



Washed my hands in muddy water

House of the rising sun



En glad pensionär

Alla dagar med dig

Vänskap består

Krontorps Bo blues

Vart skåpet ska stå



Merry christmas everyone

Oh holy night






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  • Songs, new or old  will be posted here
  • The album - ILLUSiON  and CD single - Sweet Marie are distributed by iMusician Digital.






  1. Deeper the fall

  2. Sweet Marie

  1. Hurts to get hurt

  2. Time will tell

  3. Life goes on

  4. Bad soul

  5. Live in a lie

  6. Picture of my dream

  7. The place I'm headin' for

  8. Don't cry

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